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  • Salad Mix

Salad Mix

The salad mix offers you a mix of 4-5 varieties of lettuce leaves that you can use for your daily intake of greens. These buttery and soft yet crisp mix of lettuce leaves have an individual but grouped appeal. With a mild aroma and bittersweet taste, the salad mix is sure to a quick fix to both - your health and heart!
  • It is always a good idea to carefully clean and refrigerate greens for a longer shelf life. You can store the lettuce lesaves in their original pack or put them in an air tight container with a paper towel on top to absorb the moisture. Wash the lettuce only when you are using them.

    • Super tip:
    1. Always remove damaged or wilted leaves from the pack.
    2. Crisp up the lettuce by soaking it in ice water for a few minutes, and then dry it to get that crunchy feel!